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Thursday, April 11, 2013

full of curiosity

as I write this post, I was listening to a song titled Officially Missing You by Tamia while reading the blog of a fellow blogger. suddenly flashed in my mind, when I was gone one day, is there Anybody who would miss me ..?
sometime I thought about what a true friend mean ..? I do not know why I was so sensitive right now ..
maybe i remember one thing..
I do not know why I lose my friends that I love so easily .. without reason, my friends that I've known me left .. there anything I should do something that hurts them? I really hope they be honest with me, and tell me if wrong. when I see pictures of us when we are still good friends .. My tears flowed suddenly .. I am very sad and I was always thinking that one .. why all six of you stay away from me .. I miss you guy ... I hope we can be friends again like the old days ..
I miss all of my friend ... :'( ..  u guys .. am I your friend ??? *curious

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