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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Soul Harmony ~

hye & assalamualaikum.. it been few week i didnt update my blog ... just focusing on sumthing else that seriously important for my familly also for my future..
Now , enough for the chitchat .. I would like to share about this group .. this group are so awesome .. their voices makes me goosebump.. haha.. this special group is called Soul Harmony .. actually this group has debut for quite long time. but it happen , that i just found it accidentally from watching another variety show called Star King.. so it little bit late.. but just want to tell how awesome their vocalist are.. first .. the male vocalist name Kwak Dong Hyun and his stage name is One kill.. his voice are resemble as korean rocker (i dont know wht his name) .. One kill has a very superb vocal cord.. he can easily raise his voice 4 octave high... im so impressed by his skilled.. at first i just ignore his performance then when he start to raised his voices .. OUH ! what a voice he has.. haha . so i search about him .. so i found about his group called Soul Harmony.. the female vocalist name is Ga Yeon .. her voice are so high ... i'm so immpressed by then rock & RnB combination..

here i share one of their song, so enjoy it ;)

p/s : credit of this song  and  the picture are not mine.. its belong to their rightfully owner 

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